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A Home-Seller's Guide - Preparing for a Home Inspection

In many areas of the province Home Inspections are now a routine and important part of the real estate transaction. More and more Home-buyers today are requesting a Home Inspection prior to purchasing a home. Not surprisingly though, it can be an anxious time for the home seller. This guide will help home sellers prepare for a home inspection and, at the same time, help the process go a bit smoother. 

1. If you have had any major work done on the house since you became the owner, it's a good idea to have the plans, contracts and receipts available. 

2. If you feel the need to explain anything about the home, write it down on the disclosure form provided by the Listing Realtor. 

3. Check to make sure Air Conditioner compressors, Hydro and Gas Meters are accessible and not obstructed by bushes or garden equipment. 

4. Make sure access panels to attics and crawl spaces are unobstructed. The Home Inspector will need to enter those areas. 

5. Clear the space in front of the Electrical Panel so that the inspector can remove the cover. Although we don't intentionally shut-off the electricity during the inspection it is a good idea to shut down your computer(s) during the inspection.

6. Replace burned-out light bulbs in the attic, basement or crawl space. 

7. Ensure that the furnace is accessible and any service records concerning it's installation and servicing are available. 

8. Make arrangements to contain your pets, (especially the biting kind) or have a friend or relative look after them during the inspection 

9. Make available the manual or operating instructions for all appliances that will be sold with the home. While the inspector may not need them, the new owner will certainly appreciate having them. 

10. You should allow approximately 3 hours for the inspection, and while you have the right to be present, most vendors prefer to leave and have their Realtor attend the inspection. 


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